3 Fireplace Designs For A Patio Enclosure

If you have made the wise decision to add privacy to your home with an enclosed patio, your next step is probably designing the interior.

While choosing lighting, seating, and entertainment options may have been easy, choosing the right fireplace to keep your patio enclosure warm and cozy in the wintertime can be a little bit more tricky.

Consider the following three fireplace designs for your patio enclosure if you are having trouble selecting the right one to match your design aesthetic.

# 1
– Brick Fireplace Design

A fireplace design for your patio enclosure in which the brick is stacked all the way to the ceiling can keep you warm and cozy while also giving a rustic, traditional feel to your space.

Using brick is perfect for those who need a custom-built fireplace to fit the unique dimensions of their patio enclosures in Winchester, VA.

# 2
– Hearth For Wood Fireplace Design

This fireplace design for your patio enclosure is perfect if you like the look and feel of a wood-burning fireplace in general.

If you do not have much room to work with, this free-flowing design may be right for you. Consider using slate for the hearth as it adds a natural, rustic touch to the space.

# 3
– Fireplace Design With Built-In Shelves Behind The Fascia Board

This fireplace design for your patio enclosure allows you to store small, decorative items inside it while also adding an aesthetically pleasing look to the room.

Shelves for this type of fireplace can be made from timber, but they can also be made from metal if you prefer a more industrial or modern look to the enclosure.

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Any of these designs are sure to add the perfect touch of warmth and style that you are looking for in your patio enclosure.