3 Methods For A Super Clean Floor

Homeowners with heavy foot traffic, many pets, or large furniture may find that they spend most of their time fighting to ensure that their floors stay clean. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, scratches, stains, and damage can occur no matter how hard an individual tries to prevent them.

However, several methods exist to ensure that you always have a super clean floor to impress guests and make your home a comfortable living environment.

Cleaning Products

One of the best ways to avoid wear and tear to your floor is by using non-abrasive and all-natural cleaning products. These products can be purchased from almost any grocery or cleaning product retailer.

Additionally, for homeowners who prefer to save money, natural cleaning products can be made at home using:

·    Oil Extracts

·    Lemon Juice

·    White Vinegar

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·    Baking Soda

These natural cleaning products repel pests, dry moisture buildup, and add a bright shine to your flooring.

Cleaning Measures

To ensure that your flooring stays free of dirt, dust, or scratches, consider purchasing any of the many products designed to prevent these damages. For example, adhering pads to the legs of furniture will significantly reduce the risk of scratches, dents, and cracks to flooring.

Additionally, plastic mats at entry points are an effective way to keep dirt outside where it belongs.

Finally, homeowners with the time to engage in more labor-intensive measures may consider a sealant that repels moisture and adds an extra layer of flooring protection.

Flooring Installation

Carpets and hardwood floors are notoriously difficult to keep clean. If you are tired of the daily cleaning struggle you have with your floors, consider installing lvt flooring in harrisonburg va.

Vinyl tiles and flooring are known for their durability as well as their stain-resistant properties.